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Full Day Tour

Beers & Breweries

We like to keep tours small, intimate & super fun. Enquire if you want a larger group, arrangements can be made Group Size
This will vary but allow 6-8 hours Duration
6 hrs
Everyone must be able to ride a bike Ability
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Brewery Tour

This is Noosa's Brewery and Craft Beer Tour, visiting four of our finest breweries, both large and small scale

Start your day with a behind-the-scenes tour of an award winning brewery

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Sampling Paddles

Your behind the scenes tour, lunch and sampling paddles (in each brewery) are included.

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Lets shift to the Hinterland for lunch and look at the other end of the spectrum. Visiting micro-breweries to learn how they can create smaller batch and more seasonal beers.

Designated Dave

The joys of having your own driver is that we'll ensure you get home safely after the fourth and final brewery. If you're keen for a fifth brewery then we're also happy to drop the group off at another tap-house for your day to continue...

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