Half Day Tour

Noosa Hinterland Discovery

There's plenty of adventure on this tour but it's not quite as extreme as our others. My time to talk, laugh & tell stories Adventure
We like to keep tours small, intimate & super fun. We can increase numbers here if necessary. Group Size
This will vary but allow 4-5 hours Duration
Everyone needs to be able to ride a bike Ability
Beginner, Any Age
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Self-Guided Kayak

You'll have kayaks and a map waiting for you at your launch site and with your own navigation skills you'll find your landing spot at the other end of the lake.

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We'll bring the refreshments to refuel you and get you ready for Part 2!

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Electrified Mountain Biking

After your rest, you're straight onto the amazing electric bikes as you get a guided tour of Noosa's stunning Hinterland

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Lunch time!

We finish the tour in the gorgeous country town of Pomona

At this point, you're free to enjoy the cafes or local Gin Distillery

Once you've discovered this lovely town, we'll pack the bikes and drive back